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Blues to country, standards to rock...the music from your life
September 23, 2023   |   Private Party, Cottage Grove, WI

What a great night we had on the patio at BB Jack's with all the drivers who competed in the 2023 Wisconsin/Minnesota Truck Rodeo! Many of their families and friends joined in celebrating a weekend of tough challenges and fun times. Good folks to share the road with!

September 21, 2023   |   The Lone Girl, Waunakee, WI

(story coming soon...)

September 16, 2023   |   Walton Fest, Walton, IL

We always enjoy our visits to Jerry's childhood stomping grounds! The rain stopped just in time to get the outdoor stage set, and we shared a fun day  with all the folks visiting Walton, Illinois!

September 9, 2023   |   Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

(story coming soon...)

September 8, 2023   |   Kestrel Ridge, Columbus, WI

(story coming soon...)

September 2, 2023   |  BB Jack's, Cottage Grove, WI

(story coming soon...)

August 31, 2023   |   Buck & Honey's, Waunakee, WI

(story coming soon...)

August 26, 2023   |   Private Party, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

(story coming soon...)

August 18, 2023   |   O'Riley & Conway's, Janesville, WI

(story coming soon...)

August 17, 2023   |   Gazebo Musikk, Stoughton, WI

(story coming soon...)

August 12, 2023   |   Pooley's, Madison, WI

(story coming soon...)

August 11, 2023   |   Kestrel Ridge, Columbus, WI

(story coming soon...)

August 9, 2023   |   Concerts in the Park, Columbus, WI

This event just keeps getting better every year! Kudos to everyone who had a part in this special evening. The new stage location makes for a beautiful backdrop for bringing some fun tunes!

August 4, 2023   |   Oakstone, Cottage Grove, WI

We finally got to play on that new outdoor stage, and we had a blast! Lots of diners -turned-listeners, and even few dancers--we love that dynamic! Looking forward to being back on this stage next summer...

July 31, 2023   |   Heritage Homes, Watertown, WI

This was our first visit to Heritage Homes, and we had a fun time sharing some classic tunes with this great listening audience. It was a special treat to dedicate "Make You Feel My Love" to Hope & Sonny for their 64th wedding anniversary--congratulations!

July 20, 2023   |   The Lone Girl, Waunakee, WI

It was a beautiful evening on the rooftop. We love how the (very young!) rooftop staff all sing and move along to the classic tunes--great fun!

July 19, 2023   |   Clearview, Juneau, WI

We love this crowd, and it's feels great to be so appreciated! We're honored each year to be invited to the annual outdoor summer concert--already looking forward to next year!

July 15, 2023   |   Arts Festival, Lake Mills, WI

It was another gorgeous summer day in Lake Mills, and we had another fantastic visit to the annual Arts Festival. We only wish we had more time to browse all the arts and crafts booths--we're usually packed up just in time to say goodbye. But we did some beautiful items on our quick walk around the park--be sure not to miss this one next year.

July 14, 2023   |   Oakstone, Cottage Grove, WI

It was a good call by the establishment--the minute we began to play, a downpour (our first in weeks!) began that lasted almost all evening. We stayed dry and enjoyed all the energy that came indoors as the rain began. A fun night with a great crowd, but we still haven't had the chance to play on that beautiful new stage out on the patio....

July 8, 2023   |   Pooley's, Madison, WI

Fun evening, great crowd, beautiful sunset, dancers--we always feel energized on the Pooley's patio! One more date here next month--don't miss out! (And then winter...)

July 6, 2023   |   Buck & Honey's, Monona, WI

It was a beautiful evening on the river, with a great crowd of diners out on the upper-level deck enjoying another Wisconsin twilight. (And the dry weather kept us all free of that normally pecky State Bird!) Thanks again to Buck & Honey's for supporting live music at all three (soon to be four!) of their popular locations.

July 1, 2023   |   Lake House Inn, Edgerton, WI

It was a tough decision--inside or outside--with storms popping up all around the area and a slight chance for Edgerton. But we had to go with outside so we could play on that brand-new stage (though still waiting for a roof!), and it turned out to be the right choice--we had a beautiful afternoon with only a couple minutes of very light sprinkles. We congratulate Lori, Brenda, and all the staff on their one-year anniversary! It's a cool, historic place--you should check it out sometime soon.

June 24, 2023   |   Buck 7 Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

We always appreciate playing for our hometown friends at our hometown "birthplace"--we played our first public show  at Buck & Honey's Sun Prairie on February 23, 2011! And this was a special celebration--congratulations to Terri & Bill as you begin writing a new chapter together!

June 17, 2023   |   Strawberry Fest, Sun Prairie, WI

Strawberry Fest 2023 was a great success! Many thanks to the Colonial Club for hosting this great community event--it gets better every year! We were honored to be a part it again this year.

June 16, 2023   |   Capitol Lakes, Madison, WI

Another fun visit to Capitol Lakes--some great listeners and a good handful of adventurous dancers. We love this crowd! Looking forward to another visit this fall, and yes, another NYE party is already on the calendar!

June 11, 2023   |   Private Party, Sun Prairie, WI

Congratulations to Mary & Jason on their engagement! This was a great backyard party--well done, Karen & Rick (proud parents of the future groom)!

June 10, 2023   |   Buck & Honey's, Waunakee, WI

The large fire pit, the rustic water wheel, and the huge cornfield create a unique feel to this beautiful patio venue--and what a gorgeous evening! General manager Katie deserves extra thanks for her persistent (and entertaining) effors to get the patio lighting on as dusk approached. We had a fun and interactive crowd and enjoyed plenty of conversation during our breaks. Looking forward to a couple more visits this summer...

June 9, 2023   |   Kestrel Ridge, Columbus, WI

OK, this was way better than just a few weeks ago--what a beautiful summer evening out on the patio! We enjoyed a great crowd of listeners, and we're already looking forward to visiting again in August.

June 6, 2023   |   Harvest Moon Pond, Poynette, WI

We enjoyed a beautiful evening at this absolutely gorgeous patio venue! Many thanks to owners Stephanie & Brian for hosting this summer live music series, which also benefits many local non-profits. Every other Tuesday evening through the summer--check it out!

June 4, 2023   |   Private Party, Deerfield, WI

We love playing for this energetic group of dancers in such a beatiful room. Many thanks to Jim & Mary for hosting a few score of their closest friends at The Roost.

June 3, 2023   |   Lake House Inn, Edgerton, WI

This was our first time performaing at Lake House Inn--what a cool place to hang out! The beautiful historic building and welcoming backyard made for a fun evening. We'll be back July 1 to kick off the holiday weekend and help celebrate their one-year anniversary--plan to take the short road trip and join us for the afternoon!

May 25, 2023   |   The Lone Girl Brewing Co., Waunakee, WI

We had never played two shows in one day, but the very cool temps and energizing sunshine made it a great day. There's something special about playing on the rooftop, and this was a very special evening, with a great crowd hanging out with us all evening. A number of folks enjoyed the firepit and blankets so graciously provided by The Lone Girl--thank you! We'll be back later this summer--don't miss it!

May 25, 2023   |   Evin, Oconomowoc, WI

We always love visiting here, and finally we had the opportunity to play on their inviting deck on a cool but sunny day. This was the Evin Memorial Day cookout, so everything was beautifully decorated and everyone was ready to celebrate--we shared the deck with a great crowd of residents, despite the cool temps.

May 19, 2023   |   BB Jack's, Cottage Grove, WI

So May weather doesn't always cooperate like it did last week, but we had great fun keeping warm indoors at BB Jack's. Lots of folks were out for fish fry, and we were glad to meet many new friends who decided to hang out with us for the evening.

May 13, 2023   |   Lion's CARe Cruise, Cottage Grove, WI

We were honored to be one of the sponsors for this amazing event on a beautiful day in Bakken Park. Four area Lion's Clubs (Cambridge, Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Marshall) joined to host a day full of activities, including a run, car cruise, bowling strike jackpot game, food, and raffles--raising a record-breaking sum for the Miracle League of Dane County. At our end of the park, we saw lots of rugby (Wisconsin's largest rugby facility), some Miracle League baseball, and dancing--a great day all around.

May 12, 2023   |   Kestrel Ridge, Columbus, WI

You know it's summer when the golf courses celebrates their season grand opening. Unfortunately, the lingering cool weather didn't get the word, but that didn't dampen the celebration--summer is on the way! We'll be back here on the patio a few times over the summer--come and join us.

May 11, 2023   |   Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

Yes--our first time on a patio this season! Not surprising that it happened in the hometown venue where NTS grew up more than a decade ago. Many thanks again to Buck & Honey's for their consistent support of live music. We'll be back on the patio through the summer--at all four locations (Sun Prairie, Monona, Waunakee, and now Mt. Horeb). Plan to come out and join us!

April 29, 2023   |   O'Riley & Conway's Irish Pub, Janesville, WI

We had a great evening visiting the Pub in Janesville--it happens every time! Great crowd of friends, great staff, great beverages, great food! (Notice the theme here?)

March 17, 2023   |   BB Jack's, Cottage Grove, WI

It was a St. Patrick's Day Party--what more can be said??! We had another great time at BB Jack's, and hoping to get out on the patio someday soon...

March 2, 2023   |   Capitol Lakes, Madison, WI

We enjoyed another special visit with the folks at Capitol Lakes--it was great to see many old friends and meet some new ones. And we had dancers! That just adds to the collection of many joyful memories...

February 25, 2023   |   Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

Another winter evening with friends and neighbors--and this is a great cozy space to be sharing it in. We were honored to perform a special request ("At Last") for Heather & Jim--Happy Anniversary!

February 11, 2023   |   Club 46, Ft. Atkinson, WI

Our first time performing in Ft. Atkinson, and our first time meeting this dance club--what a great group! It's very energizing to have dancers up for every song, and the Valentine's Day theme added just the right atmosphere to this special evening. A big "thank you" to Carla's Catering for the beautifully decorated venue and the amazing dinner.

January 13, 2023   |   Capitol Lakes, Madison, WI

What an amazing New Year's Eve party! Yes, they had to postpone for two weeks while post-Christmas-gathering COVID numbers subsided, but everyone came all dressed up for a party, and what a party it turned out to be--music, dancing, champagne, dancing, champagne, and lots of smiles! Happy New Year!

January 12, 2023   |   Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

One of our hometown cozy spots--always fun to share the evening with friends and neighbors, staying cozy and warm inside while watching winter on the outside. There was a bit of a "smoked Manhattan" theme to the evening--hmmm, wonder what that was all about...  As always, a big thanks to B&H's for their constant support of live music.

December 19, 2022   |   Evin, Oconomowoc, WI

This was extra fun--a Holiday Happy Hour that included us bringing a few Chrismas tunes and then responding to a request for a holiday sing-along! Jerry pulled off just a few impromptu numbers, but it was great seeing everyone interacting, especially with all the Christmas sweaters out there! Merry Christmas, all!

December 17, 2022   |   O'Riley & Conway's Irish Pub, Janesville, WI

A cold winter scene outside, but it's hard to imagine being any cozier inside with so many friends hanging out with us. And the cozy Irish fare just adds more warmth. It was fun sharing a few Christmas tunes--just a week away, folks! If you haven't made the short road trip yet, make plans to join us soon...

December 3, 2022   |   Daly's Bar & Grill, Sun Prairie, WI

From start to finish, it was a fun and energetic night at Daly's! We were excited to bring a new song ("Got a Hold on Me"--just in time to dedicate to the late Christie McVie) and a few oldies that we brushed up. And we had the honor of helping to celebrate two birthdays (Happy Birthday Cassie and Dana!) and an engagment (congratulations to Linda and Mike!). A great time, and we're looking forward to visiting again in February.

November 12, 2022   |   Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

We had snow on the ground outside (it was 70 deg earlier in the week...), but we were plenty cozy in the lounge. It turned out to be a very special evening: we were honored to perform a special-request dance tune, "At Last," for just-engaged Jess and JT (congratulations again!) and Happy Birthday to Jess--she had a big day! We'll be back periodically through the coming cold months--come and join us!

November 5, 2022   |   O'Riley & Conway's Irish Pub, Janesville, WI

It's just a short drive, and it always feels like coming home. This establishment is one of our favorite stops--make plans for a homecoming with us real soon!

September 29, 2022   |   Capitol Lakes, Madison, WI

This crowd really listens--that really keeps us on our toes! And this crowd really expresses their appreciation--that makes it really fun for us! We're getting excited about spending our New Year's Eve together in a few months...

September 24, 2022   |   O'Riley & Conway's Irish Pub, Janesville, WI

Another fun night in Janesville. If you haven't visited O'Riley & Conway's yet, you should plan to soon. Many thanks to Joe and all the crew for making this such a welcoming place to visit!

September 21, 2022   |   Daly's Bar & Grill, Sun Prairie, WI

Always a fun time at Daly's, but this entire evening had a special theme: Happy Birthday, Shasta! We were honored to be a part of it and excited to see all those dancers!

September 17, 2022   |   Walton Fest, Walton, IL

We had a wonderful day back in Jerry's childhood stomping grounds. (This event takes place in the field where Jerry played Little League Baseball!) Except for about 60 seconds of light drizzle, the weather was perfect, and folks showed up from all over the area to enjoy the arts & crafts vendors, food, live music, and community. Jerry enjoyed visiting with classmates and playing along with a couple of local friends before we all got up on the flatbed stage. Enjoy these few scenes from Smalltown America. (Of course Mama Jo is a legend around these parts, but did you know she had a reserved parking space at Sheridan's??!)

September 11, 2022   |   Private Party, Deerfield, WI

Another wonderful visit to The Roost--it's always exciting to be surrounder by all that energy! The Packers season opener and the non-stop rain may have thinned the crowd a bit, but we always wounder how Jim & Mary have found so many friends! They do treat their friends well--this is a beautiful room for a dance party. Amy even enjoyed a couple special dance lessons from Jim--fun to watch!

September 10, 2022   |   Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

A few days ago it was the heat, this time it was the chilly drizzle that brought us indoors. We were missing Dawn (out of town for her **th HS reunion), but we forged on and had a fun time interacting with a couple nearby tables. We'll be visiting the lounge occasionally over the cold, dark months--check the calendar and plan to join us!

September 7, 2022   |   Evin, Oconomowoc, WI

Our first visit to Evin--what a beautiful place! Our plan was for the patio, but the late summer heat wave brought us indoors for this afternoon. We enjoyed interacting with an energetic and attentive crowd, many of whom had plenty to tell us about their musical memories. We really appreciated the help and encouragement from all the staff--hoping for a return visit soon!

September 1, 2022   |   Buck & Honey's, Waunakee, WI

Our vacation break ended with a return to B&H's newest location in Waunakee--and what a gorgeous evening on the patio! We met several new friends who stayed out with us almost all evening, and it was fun to see so many of the staff engaging with the tunes. This night ended the patio season here, but we're looking forward to coming back next summer.

August 13, 2022   |   BB Jack's, Cottage Grove, WI

Another fun afternoon at BB Jack's, and this time the weather didn't keep us from enjoying the beautiful new patio! And we had the special honor of being part of Lisa's birthday celebration with an amazing turnout of friends and family that almost entirely filled the patio--Happy Birthday, Lisa! We're hoping for another visit soon...

August 12, 2022   |   Pooley's, Madison, WI

Our last date of the summer at Pooley's changed from sunset on the patio to staying dry and cozy indoors--already a taste of fall weather in Wisconsin. But we had a great time with everyone inside. Another round of thanks to Peter, Monica, Michael, and all the staff for hosting another great summer of live music. See you next year!

August 10, 2022   |   Clearview, Juneau, WI

This has always been one of our favorite stops of the summer. It's amazing to watch all those smiling faces respond to the music, especially as they hear some of their old favorites. It was another beautiful evening, and we can't wait to return next summer!

August 4, 2022   |   Gazebo Musikk, Stoughton, WI

Another weekly concerts-in-the-park series that draws hundreds of listeners from the community--what a great time! The early evening sun was a bit of a challenge at first as we watched the crowd enjoying their shade, but we were all sharing it soon enough. We've really been enjoying our visits to all these neighboring communities--keep an eye on our calendar and catch some summer soon...

July 30, 2022   |   Oakstone, Cottage Grove, WI

It was already a lively night on the patio before Emmy Lou and her large entourage dropped by in their party bus to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. We were honored to dedicate "What a Man" to the groom-to-be (of course represented on this all-female occasion by his mother). What a fun night!

July 28, 2022   |   Concerts in the Park, Columbus, WI

Last time (2019) we were rained into the beautiful Pavilion, but this was an evening of perfect weather for a concert in the park. We shared a wonderful evening with a very welcoming crowd. Many thanks to the Columbus Historic Landmarks & Preservation Commission for sponsoring these summer evenings--they are doing a great work in preserving and restoring many important sites in the community. Do visit the Fireman's Park Pavilion if you ever get the chance--it has a long history, with several famous musicians playing for community dances over the past century.

July 24, 2022   |   SFTSM Fundraiser, Poynette, WI

It was a beautiful afternoon, though a bit warm standing in the sun! We always feel honored by opportunities to support Shelter from the Storm, and it was a special honor this year to play for their 5-year anniversary of supporting women and children around the area. (Check out SFTSM on Facebook or on the web.) It was our first time playing at Harvest Moon Pond--what a gorgeous venue for any special occasion...just sayin'! (Hmmm, matching skirts again--pretty impressive!)

July 23, 2022   |   O'Riley & Conway's, Janesville, WI

We always love our visits to O'Riley & Conway's, and this night was no exception! Great crowds, great hosts, great energy--a few people even found room for a bit of dancing. We'll be playing here fairly regularly over the next several months--plan to take the short road trip and join us in historic downtown Janesville.

July 21, 2022   |   The Lone Girl Brewing Co., Waunakee, WI

Another wonderful night on the rooftop, with lots of engagement with the crowd and lots of head bopping from those young servers--who knew they would appreciate all the classic hits?! We had the privilege of singing "Happy Birthday" to Jamie (6 years old) and Kayla (undisclosed age) and "At Last" for 
Mike and Amanda's anniversary celebration--what fun!

July 19, 2022   |   Concerts in the Park, Sun Prairie, WI

We really like this "concerts in the park thing (Lake Mills last weekend, Columbus next week, and Stoughton in a couple weeks), but it's a special honor to play in our own hometown community. A gorgeous evening, a great crowd of listeners, and Amy even got to do a pre-show interview with Mark on KSUN--check their online archives for some special insights.

July 16, 2022   |   Arts Festival, Lake Mills, WI

A beautiful day in a beautiful park, surrounded by artists, vendors, and a great crowd from the community--we always love our visits to Lake Mills! Many thanks to all the hard workers who organize this amazing community event each year. We're already on the calendar for next year!

July 13, 2022   |   Daly's Bar & Grill, Sun Prairie, WI

We seem to hang out at Daly's enough as it is, but it's always extra fun to share some live music with our hometown friends (and several out-of-town visitors)! It was a special night, especially since several of the newer staff had only heard about us playing and never heard us play--surprise! Back in September...

July 9, 2022   |   Pooley's, Madison, WI

We love our visits to Pooley's (you know, the most welcoming hosts and most beautiful patio in Madison), and we love having our dancing friends visit with us. Another beautiful evening with another gorgeous Wisconsin sunset. (We're already halfway through the summer, folks...) Looking forward to next month. (Hmmm, matching skirts.)

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