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October 24, 2020   |  Daly's Bar & Grill, Sun Prairie, WI

Yes, we set a new record low temperature (38 deg) for playing outdoors, but what a great afternoon! The (sometimes smoky) firepits and sunshine made it pleasant enough, and all for a good cause--supporting the Sun Prairie American Legion and VFW in honor of Curt Johnson (Commander, Legion Post 333). We were honored to be a part of it.

September 26, 2020   |  Buck & Honey's, Monona, WI

Our first time playing on the patio at B&H's Monona. It was a beautiful fall evening on the Yahara River--likely one of our last outings before all the patios close for the "stay at home" winter lockdown. Stay well, all, and we hope to see you in the spring of a brand new year.

September 20, 2020   |  Private Party, Cottage Grove, WI

People just need to dance! Thank you, Becky and Jerry, for hosting us and your dancing friends for a great afternoon in your beautiful backyard. It gives hope for more good times to come...

September 19, 2020   |  Private Party, The Tinsmith, Madison, WI

Congratulations, Katie and Michael! What a great time celebrating with family and friends at a beautiful new venue in downtown Madison. We learned a few great new songs ("The Best," "Baby Baby," and "Wavelength") especially for the event--already added to our setlist.

August 29, 2020   |  Potosi Brewing Co., Potosi, WI

Back on the most beautiful outdoor stage in Wisconsin--always a treat! Add lots of dancers, some great brews, and that beautiful night sky and words just can't do it justice. Already looking forward to next summer.

August 15, 2020   |  Nau-Ti-Gal, Madison, WI

We always enjoy our visits to the backyard at Nau-Ti-Gal--but some dancers and that amazing sunset made it a very special night! After this crazy summer, we're looking forward to another visit in a more predictable(?) 2021...

August 14, 2020   |  Pooley's, Madison, WI

Another beautiful sunset and perfect weather for an evening on the patio at Pooley's. And what an amazing evening it was--the patio was full of energy and people were ready to dance! Great fun for us. Dawn and Anna brought an extra dose of energy joining Amy once more for "Chain"--we're anxious to hear the harmonies for those other tunes they have in mind...  Thanks again to Peter, Monica, Michael, and all the staff for their hard work and encouragement in keeping live music alive in Madison.

August 8, 2020   |  Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

Another beautiful Wisconsin sunset on the patio at B&H's, with a few extra treats: dancers (a welcome sight on this patio!), Anna and Dawn up for "Chain," and a special dance to "Come Away with Me" for Joe and Kaitlyn--Happy 11th Anniversary!

July 18, 2020   |  Private Party, Waunakee, WI

We've really enjoyed these parties in Dennis & Mary's backyard! What a beautiful setting and fun way to spend an evening, with dancing in the grass! Amy was happy to take it even a step further with some polka in the grass--and no injuries! (Some may not realize that we play some polka--make a request if you have some extra energy to burn!)

July 17, 2020   |  Pooley's, Madison, WI

Another great evening and beautiful sunset on the patio at Pooley's--it was so encouraging to see a patio full of people enjoying a "normal" night out. And it was especially great to see some dancers--and Amy was sure to take her turn out there, too. And we always love to have Dawn join us for "Chain of Fools"! (Rumor has it that Dawn and Anna have a new list of more songs for some harmonies--something to look forward too...) Summer is getting shorter, with just one more visit on the calendar--don't miss it.

July 11, 2020   |  Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

We enjoyed another beautiful sunset on the patio at B&H's. The appropriately "distanced" patio was full all evening--great to have so many people hanging out with us the entire time! We were excited to have young Adeline(sp?) up dancing with us for several songs, and she was brave enough to join us on tambourine for our version of "Fire"--great job! Summer is short--be sure to watch the calendar for more patio dates coming soon...

June 28, 2020   |  Private Party, Waunakee, WI

Very special thanks to Mary and Dennis for hosting this intimate backyard party for some friends who just wanted to get outside, listen to some music, and dance! And what a gorgeous setting! Great idea, Mary and Dennis--anyone else?!

June 27, 2020   |  Lake of the Woods, Wautoma, WI

A picturesque campground in the woods on a beautiful summer evening--not a bad place to hang out and play some tunes! We're still not accustomed to the campground tradition of listening to live music from your golf cart (seems like the dancing could get dangerous!)--maybe someone can enlighten us on that one...  Great to have Dan with us again on drums--special thanks for steady heartbeat!

June 19, 2020   |  Pooley's, Madison, WI

We always have a great time on the patio at Pooley's, and this first visit of the summer was extra special. The patio was packed (but appropriately "socially  distanced," of course), and the energy level was amazing! Dancing, toe tapping, clapping, singing along--that all makes it especially fun for us. We were excited to have Dan sitting in with us on drums once more, and we were glad to welcome Dawn and Anna for the inevitable "Chain of Fools" collaboration--all great stuff! Special thanks to Peter and Sarah for their continued beautification of the patio--it looks fantastic! Looking forward to our next visit...

May 30, 2020   |  Boston's, Waunakee, WI

Our first time at Boston's and our first time out since the world shut down many weeks ago. And what a great time sharing our freedom from hibernation with real people! We had amazing patio weather, a great crowd, and a beautiful new setting for live music in Waunakee. Special thanks to Derrek and Kelcey, Patrick, and all the staff for a great afternoon. And it was extra fun for us to have old, old (but young) friend Dan G. sit in with us on drums--thanks for the heartbeat, Dan! Hoping to be back at Boston's again very soon.

March 1, 2020   |  Oakstone, Cottage Grove, WI

Our first time at Oakstone, on their first-ever Sunday Funday and meat raffle--and what a blast! We enjoyed playing for a full house and feeling lots of energy in this new recreational/culinary must-visit destination. It was a special treat to have Dawn and Anna join Amy once more for an incomparable rendition of "Chain of Fools." Special thanks to Tim, Jenn, Josh, and all the crew for pulling it all together. We're anxious to be back again soon.

February 9, 2020   |  Hearts for the Homeless, Sun Prairie, WI

We were honored to once again be a part of this special event supporting Shelter from the Storm, a very special resource for families in our community. And not only did we have the honor of performing for the event, we were part of a live-auction party package that raised an extra $1500 for the cause! We had great fun, and we're looking forward to performing at the party in June. 

February 2, 2020   |  Daly's Bar & Grill, Sun Prairie, WI

Another great Sunday Funday at Daly's! Lots of winners in the meat raffle, lots of energy in the room, and we were honored to have Dawn and Lnz sit in on vocals for a couple songs. (They have a future duet in the works...) Thanks again to Steve and all the staff for the great food (stawberry stuffed French toast was amazing!!) and the great time--we always enjoy our visits to Daly's.

January 4, 2020   |  Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

We had great fun back in the lounge at B&H's--what a great crowd! Looking forward to our next visit--be sure to watch the schedule and don't miss it!

Cowboy Jack's, Madison, WI

Cowboy Jack's, one of Madison's great live music and dining venues (formerly Sprecher's Restaurant & Pub), was tragically destroyed by fire in the early morning hours of September 18, 2019.  Thankfully, no one was in the building at the time. We were so much looking forward to playing in this beautiful room--12 dates booked from September through March 2020.

November 3, 2019   |  Daly's Bar & Grill, Sun Prairie, WI

Another great day ("Sunday Funday"!) at Daly's, with lots of friends and neighbors,  lots of energy in the room, lots of meat raffled, and all followed by a big Packers game. We even brough a couple new songs, including "Here Comes the Blues" and "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way"--a little obscure and lots of fun!

October 12, 2019   |  Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI

We stayed plenty warm inside as temps fell toward the 30s outside, and the atmosphere was fun, festive, and full of energy. Homecoming festivities brought a younger crowd in for early dinner, but as they filtered out for the dance, their seats were quickly filled by a long waiting list. We were honored to give a shout out to Eddie and Shelby, celebrating their first wedding anniversary, and it was great to see them out dancing to "At Last."

September 21, 2019   |  Two Sisters, Mauston, WI

It's always hard to say goodbye, but we made the most of it at this fun "goodbye to summer" party! We were glad to have lots of energetic dancers in the room, and a good number of folks who seemed to enjoy singing along with the familiar tunes. Special thanks to Peggy for being such a gracious host at this very special venue and to Tanya and Kozy's Pizza for keeping everyone well fed and "watered"! We're hoping to be back visiting Mauston very soon...

September 10, 2019   |   East Side Club, Monona, WI

The Skilaufers came back for their first dance of the season full of new energy! We always enjoy playing for this group, and the recently refurbished East Side Club is a great venue for dancing. We wish them all a great season and hope to be back next year.

September 5, 2019   |   Tallgrass Senior Living, Sun Prairie, WI

A beautiful late summer day and a room filled with great listeners--made for a fun  afternoon! We were delighted to chat with many of the residents after we finished, several of them with a good knowledge of the music and stories of what a song meant to them--an awesome time. We're hoping to come again soon...

August 17, 2019   |   Me & Julio, Fitchburg, WI

Another "last time this summer," and we had a great time with a crowd of good listeners. The dancers didn't show up until the very last song, but it made a nice "thanks for the evening." We're grateful to the past owners of Me & Julio for supporting live music (and hope the new owners follow suit), and we thank all the staff for their support and encouragement.

August 15, 2019   |   Nau-Ti-Gal, Madison, WI

Another gorgeous evening in this amazing backyard, and we had a great time sharing it with an attentive and energetic crowd. We were glad to have some creative dancers up for several songs throughout the evening--that makes it even more fun for us! Hoping to be back next summer...

August 10, 2019   |   Potosi Brewing Company, Potosi, WI

We always enjoy traveling to this unique destination and playing on the most beautiful outdoor stage in Wisconsin. And this was the perfect evening, with great weather, an energetic crowd, and lots of great brews to sample! we're hoping to be back next year after the cooler seasons run their course...

August 9, 2019   |   Pooley's, Madison, WI

Our last date on this beautiful patio for this season, but what a great night it turned out to be! The weather was perfect, the sunset sky was gorgeous, and the crowd was full of energy. We were glad to have friend Dawn join Amy for another "Chain of Fools," and it was fun to watch Amy go out dancing--she just couldn't resist! Thanks to Peter, Monica, Michael, and all the staff for making it such a great season--we're already looking forward to next summer...

August 7, 2019   |   Clearview, Juneau, WI

All day--right up to the time we pulled into the parking lot--the forecast was a little uncertain...inside or outside? But it turned into another gorgeous evening, we had a fantastic audiende, and what a fun time we all shared! Special thanks to Alyssa and all the staff for being so gracious and for all their efforts toward making this a great success. Hoping to be back next summer...

July 25, 2019   |   Buck & Honey's, Monona, WI

Our first time at the brand new B&H's location on the Yahara River in Monona. What a beautiful establishment in an amazing riverfront location! The place was packed all evening, with lots of people waiting near the bar for tables, but a few groups of our friends were able to sit close enough to give us a listen--that always makes a big difference! And for a special treat, Ryan, our Man in Black, was able to join us for one more rendition of "Folsom Prison Blues"--home away from home! Drop by some evening and check it out...

July 20, 2019   |   Arts Festival, Lake Mills, WI

What a great event in Lake Mills in their beautiful gazebo in their gorgeous city park! But odd weather seems to be a factor this summer. On this day, we set up just after noon in 90+ heat, but the temperature dropped a good 15 degrees by the time we started a few minutes later. We had no rain during that sudden cold front, but a good downpour started a couple hours in, so our afternoon was cut a bit short. We had plenty of shelter in the gazebo and were able to wait out the worst of it, but the vendors and park visitors had to call it an afternoon. Looking forward to coming back next year--it's already on the calendar!

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