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Blues to country, standards to rock...the music from your life
Nine Thirty Standard  brings their own flavor to a variety of music from the past 10 decades—blues to country, standards to rock...the music from your life—plus original songs from their own lives. The band brings together the performing and song-writing talents of Amy Anderson and Jerry Fitzpatrick. Jerry has been playing guitar, writing, and singing in a variety of styles for as long as he can remember. Amy has been performing and writing since her high school years. 
With Jerry on guitar, Amy on keyboard, Dawn Loy's carefully woven vocal harmonies, and Jim Anderson's low end on bass, Nine Thirty Standard has performed around Madison and southern Wisconsin in a variety of venues (festivals, clubs, parties, coffeehouses, and community events) since 2010. The band can suit the music to the occasion with a range of styles and instrumentation. 

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Amy Anderson

Amy (vocals, keyboard) has been performing and writing since her high school years. She was all about choir and musicals in high school, and added jazz choir to her broad range of musical interest while in college. She has led and been part of worship teams at several churches around the Madison area since before the turn of the century. Amy’s vocals reflect a joy and passion that quickly fill a room.

Jerry Fitzpatrick

Jerry (guitar, vocals) has been playing guitar for as long as he can remember and has been in a variety of bands over his career. He has played styles ranging from rock, country, folk, to swing-blues. Whether playing in a concert setting or entertaining in the “background,” Jerry has the experience, ability, and sensitivity to adapt to any occasion and delight audiences with his amazing talent on guitar.

Jim Anderson

Jim (bass) once lived in a quieter world embracing folk guitar and Renaissance wind ensembles. Approaching the new millennium—and feeling the need to be heard alongside his oldest son’s emerging powers on drum set—he took up the electric bass and never turned back. Having played with a number of bands and worship teams in the Madison area, he enjoys bringing the low end to a variety of musical styles.

Dawn Loy

Dawn (vocals) started singing four-part harmony with her family in church as a third-grader in Clintonville, Wisconsin, and continued singing with school and church choirs through high school. After graduation, she sang harmonies with her brother in church and for many weddings over the years. Dawn began occasionally “standing in” with Amy several years ago (you must have heard them on “Chain of Fools” at least once!) and is now excited to be a full-time member of the band.

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