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December 31, 2015
Watertower Chop House, Sun Prairie, WI
Another great party at the Chop House! A fun crowd, energetic dancers, party hats, and noisemakers (not referring to the band)--Happy New Year!

December 12, 2015
Windwood Country Club, Watertown, WI
Watertown Dance and Social Club--The evening was warm, the venue was beautiful, and the event was elegant indeed! We had a great time playing for this wonderful group at their bimonthly (and in this case, holiday) get together. Yes, socializing and dancing--imagine! Merry Christmas, all! (Can't wait until their next event celebrating Valentine's Day...) 

December 5, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
It was encouraging to see so many family and friends out sharing a cool (not cold) December evening, keeping cozy with us in the lounge. We were excited to (1) have some dancers bring a little extra energy to the room, (2) bring six (count em, six!) fun new songs (All Shook Up, Open Arms, When Will I Be Loved, Blue Bayou, Down on the Corner, On Broadway), and (3) be joined by Dan Bono, keyboardist extraodinaire, who sat in with us for a few tunes. Wow! We'll be back next year...

October 10, 2015
Prairie Coffeehouse, Keyeser, WI
This amazing venue is not widely know around the Madison area, but it always draws a great crowd--made up of folks who come out to listen (very attentively!) to the music. Keeps the musicians on their toes and makes for a very intimate atmosphere. Jerry played solo (mostly) during the first set, bringing many of his original songs that tell stories from his life. He was joined at various points by Danny on guitar, Jay on vocals, and son Lucas on bass. The band joined in for the second set, and although we missed Brad on the drums, we were joined on a few tunes by Danny and Jay. All great fun! For a great time listening to good music, check out the schedule at Prairie Coffeehouse for next fall.

October 3, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
A beautiful fall day, with an old fall rivalry in town--Badgers vs Hawkeyes. Even though the Hawkeyes pulled off an amazing upset today, the fans who stopped in--both Badgers and Hawkeyes--were very gracious and everyone enjoyed the evening out together. And we enjoyed bringing lots of fun tunes, including our first new ones of the season ("the season" being when we can finally get back in the rehearsal studio after a busy summer)--the Elvis classic "Don't Be Cruel" and the very fun Drifters hit, "Under the Boardwalk." Bundle up!

September 25, 2015
Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee, WI
We were excited to be back at Rex's Innkeeper for our last show of a busy summer season (30 shows in four months--and we all kept our day jobs!). We love the gracious staff, the spacious stage, the beautiful dance floor, and the extra energy all those dancers bring. Amy was excited to get a private dance lesson from Jim's old friend Sam--who would have known that Sam danced and Jim played in a band! (Guys don't talk about that stuff.) We're looking forward to playing here on a regular basis next year, and we think you should plan to hang out with us!

September 20, 2015
CWC, Madison, WI
Family Picnic--A beautiful fall-like day and once more we were priveleged to play outside for the annual family picnic at Central Wisconsin Center. (The indoor picnic jinx is officially lifted!) We always have a very special time playing for the residents, their families, and staff, and Amy alway has fun connecting with some former co-workers. We look forward to coming back again soon.

September 19, 2015
Watertower Chop House, Sun Prairie, WI
Our first night back at the Chop House this fall season, and we had a blast. The dancers were a bit tentative at first, but they finally made it out on the floor. It was a special honor for us to dedicate a song for Chris and Michelle (white shirts), out for a dance (and lots of hand-holding!) to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary--congratulations! We're looking forward to another fun season at the Chop House--see you on Halloween!

September 9, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
Our last sunset on this beautiful patio, and what a gorgeous evening it was! We were blessed with amazing weather all summer--one cancellation in August for COLD weather! We thank Kathleen, Andrea, Lucas, and all the staff for being such wonderful hosts. And thank you to all our family and friends--old and new--who came out to share some memories with us. Hoping to be back next summer...

September 5, 2015
Riverside Park, Cassville, WI
Cassville Car Cruise--What a beautiful venue--just a few steps from The River. What cars--wow, hundreds of prized vehicles and proud owners. And what a blast we had playing on this gorgeous summer afternoon! (We're planning to be back next year, Saturday of Labor Day weekend--you may want to get this on your calendar right away!) And true story: Greg (all the way from Sun Prairie) ran into his XO from his 2007 tour in Iraq (the one in green top, dancing on stage), and they recognized each other right away after 8 years--small world on The Big River!

September 4, 2015
Rex's Innkeeper, Waunakee, WI
Our first time playing at this wonderful live music venue, and wow, the dancers! For the first time in our history, folks were up dancing for EVERY single song we played! That sure makes it fun for us and keeps the energy level on max. We're already on the schedule once more this month, and then we're hoping to be back many time over fall and winter... Be watching for dates and be sure to find your dancing shoes!

September 2, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
Another beautiful evening on this cozy patio, sharing special times with family and friends (and Phil's phone!). Only one more date on the calendar for this summer...

August 15, 2015
Our last date at Pooley's for this summer, and it was another beautiful evening. It's always fun to watch how music can pull people away from the TVs indoors to enjoy the evening outdoors. We were glad to share the evening with so many of our friends, including new friends Barbie and Mark (out for the first time) and Barbie's dance partner Annie. Hoping to be back next summer...

August 14, 2015
We were thrilled to be back at this beautiful southwestern Wisconsin setting--a bit of history that must be seen to be believed! And we had great fun with lots of friends, new and old, including Mo and Ed, Cindy (surprising even herself with the last-minute trip over), Abby (trekking all the way from Dubuque), and new friends Lyle and Naomi all the way from Racine; Lyle is a musician and Martin guitar expert--check him out at Turkey River Music (

August 12, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
One more gorgeous night on this wonderful patio! Again we thank Kathleen, Andrea, Lucas, and all the staff for their hospitality and support of live music. We've really been enjoying our explorations of the amazing menu this summer--LOTS more than pizza. If you've been putting it off, don't wait any longer!

August 5, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
Another beautiful evening, another gorgeous sunset. We always joke that people should check our schedule before planning any outdoor event--it's no joke! And we had another fun crowd to share the evening with, including new friend Norm back listening for some blues and chatting with Mo and Ed. Just a few more dates on the schedule before...fall.

August 1, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
We had a fun time sharing the sunset with lots of friends old and new, including first-timers Steve and Jen, long-timers Chuck and Sue, and special friends Susie and Marcos (to whom we were honored to dedicate a special song, "You're still the one"--yup!). It was a extra treat for us to have Gregory out dancing with a young friend--we always love the dancing!

July 29, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
Another perfect evening to enjoy the patio! Very special for us to see so many friends and family out, including Kathy hosting a whole table full (several tables, actually), Mo and Ed, and Norm, our newest friend visiting all the way from North Carolina. Only five more dates on the schedule...

July 25, 2015
Nau-Ti-Gal, Madison, WI
Our first time in this beautiful and fun setting--we had a blast! It was a gorgeous day in this shady waterfront back yard, the crowd was fantastic, and a party mood prevailed! As always, everything about it was enhanced by dancers, from very young to...less young. And we were blessed to see so many family and friends out to share the evening. We're definitely hoping to be back next summer! Thanks to Gayle, Jesse, and all the staff for supporting live music and creating such a special space to share it.

July 22, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
The streak continues--absolutely gorgeous evening weather on the patio, no matter what it looked like during the day. We'd be happy to do this year round...just dreaming--this is Wisconsin. Be sure to enjoy this with us at least one more time before...then.

July 18, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
A very special evening on the patio--first time this year! Mo hosted a mini-reunion for Steinmetz High School, class of 19##--a great group that included several energetic dancers! And (another) Happy Birthday to Bret--keep it going! Always fun to see so many friends out to share the evening.

July 17, 2015
Yes, we had heat AND humidity following the overnight storms. But we also had a wonderfully responsive crowd to keep us energized, and it turned out to be an extra-fun night on the patio! It's always encouraging to connect with so many old friends and meet so many new ones--looking forward to one more patio date with you at Pooley's this summer...

July 15, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
An unbroken string of perfect weather and amazing sunsets on this very special patio--we're definitely feeling blessed! (We also felt disappointed that Mo couldn't make it out tonight and certainly missed her support...and her passion for capturing the images!) Special thanks again to Kathleen, Andrea, and all the staff for supporting live music and creating such a special space. Fall is coming in just a matter of weeks--be sure to come out and join us as often as you can!

July 12, 2015
AlbertfestSun Prairie, WI
We were honored to be part of this year's Albertfest--what a great community event! We enjoyed perfect weather, a spacious stage, a great crowd, and some fine dancers. And, as always, it was great to see so many friends out sharing the afternoon with us and to meet so many new friends. Special thanks and congratulations to all who helped make the whole event such an outstanding success.

July 8, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
One more gorgeous evening on the patio, with one more amazing sunset--we're loving it! We always enjoy seeing what happens to Jerry when Kathy comes out (this time with Kelsey and friends along)--does that smoke come from the strings or the pick?? Further research needed.

June 21, 2015
Sun Prairie, WI
Private party--Congratulations, Jacky and Caleb! We were honored to be part of the celebration (held on the patio at Buck & Honey's), energized to see so many dancers, and grateful for such an appreciative crowd. Best wishes for your future together!

June 20, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Another fun night in the lounge (calendar says summer...), Brad with us on drums (with us for shows three days in a row!), dancers finding space, and lots of friends dropping in, including Big John, Mo's workmate from times past. Maybe on the patio next time...

June 19, 2015
Our first time playing at the Potosi Brewing Company, and what a gorgeous evening in such a beautiful setting! We had a great time sharing the tunes, watching the dancers, enjoying the fare, and meeting lots of new friends, including Dale and Kate visiting all the way from Minnesota. Thanks to Shena and all the staff for supporting live music and being such amazing hosts. Can't wait to be back in August...there is so much to see that we're planning to spend the whole day!

June 17, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
In addition to Ed and Phil looking just way too cool, it was another beautiful evening; another gorgeous sunset; another friendly crowd with lots of friends, old and new; 96 days until Fall. See you next time?

June 13, 2015
Our first time this season back on the patio at Pooley's--and did we have tough decision to make. We went back and forth many times, inside or outside? The forecast wasn't great, but it just looked right, so we went for the patio and what a great night it turned out to be! The patio was full all night (started our first song playing to two people, ended the song with a crowd), we had dancers (including good friends Rachel and Jason), we met lots of new friends, and we had a blast! (Don't know the secret, but acoustics on that patio are great.) We'll be back twice more this summer--plan to come out and join us.

June 10, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
Another gorgeous evening (only a momentary threat from some passing clouds) and a fun crowd out enjoying the tunes and the amazing sunset. We were glad to meet several first-timers, including Lisa (all the way from Sun Prairie!) and Marcus and Veronica. You simply must come out a join us on the patio one of these Wednesdays (before "All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray...")!

June 10, 2015
CWC, Madison, WI
Employee Appreciation Picnic--One more time, the weather was beautiful and we actually played outside for a picnic at the Central Wisconsin Center! (Only the second time four years.) It's always a special time for us playing for the residents and staff (and a good number of family members, too), and Amy had some extra fun connecting with a few former co-workers. We look forward to coming back again soon.

June 6, 2015
Remembering Christon Pertzborn memorial fundraiser--We were honored to be part of this very special event and meet lots of new friends! We had a few dancers toward the end of the evening, but most of the folks were whooped after their all-day motorcycle ride and opted for all-out relaxation. And that's OK, too! We had fun bringing the tunes to a new venue and a new crowd. Thanks to Sandy for inviting us!

June 6, 2015
Angell Park, Sun Prairie, WI
Praise in the Prairie music festival/fundraiser--Perfect weather again for this second annual early-season festival, a gorgeous day outdoors! This event is sponsored by Shelter from the Storm Ministries for a great cause: "Our Goal is to increase awareness of homelessness in our area, to raise support for a multi-family shelter in Sun Prairie, and to unite the entire community." We had a great time playing several original songs and putting our twist on a few more familiar ones. Hoping to be back next year!

June 3, 2015
Uno Pizzeria & Grill Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
Our first time this season back on the patio at Uno's--we're looking forward to an amazing summer here! Young dancers, wonderful crowd, beautiful sunset, amazing food--does it get any better? Plan to come out and join us as often as you can.

May 30, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Too cool for the patio, but another very cool time in the lounge. Brad was back with us on drums, "Cousin" Steve joined us for a sensitive rendition of "Drift Away," Gary and Pam (all the way from Pardeeville) showed everyone how sweethearts dance, and we got to bring another new song, "Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down," by acoustic blues artist Eric Bibb. A great night with friends!

May 9, 2015
Watertower Chop House, Sun Prairie, WI
That beautiful Chop House dance floor sure makes it fun for us. Blake--our youngest dancer of the evening--had the whole family out there at one time or another! And lots of dancers seemed to like the new tunes: "Make You Feel My Love" and "You're Still the One" brought on some slow dancing, "The Way You Do the Things You Do" and "Piece of My Heart" brought a bit more energy!  And it was great to see Dean and Helen sitting at the bar singing along with several songs--Amy just had to head over for a personal performance of "At Last." What a fun night!

April 18, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Almost patio weather...but the lounge was definitely more cozy as the sun (and temps) went down quickly. A fun night: Brad back with us on drums; Phil and Greg hanging out for the duration; long-lost Ryan-in-Black joining us once again for a couple Cash tunes; Mo thrilled to meet up with former co-workers Big John, Robert ("Smiley"), and Judy; and some new tunes, including "Love Is Alive" and the classic Buddy Holly tune, "Oh Boy"--we did get to see a little dancing! Back next month...on the patio??

March 25, 2015
Watertower Chop House, Sun Prairie, WI
It was a very special night at the Chop House--celebrating Grandma Colleen's 90th birthday with family and friends, including Chris and Steve all the way from Minnesota! Really loving the great acoustics in the lounge and that beautiful dance floor--be sure to join us next time.

March 14, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
We had another wonderful night in the lounge! Feeling a few hints of spring through the week must have energized the dancers who stepped up--that sure makes it fun for us! We all sang Happy Birthday to Jenny and Natalya--it was great to  celebrate with you. And most of us sang Happy Birthday to our own Jerry--lots of family came out to celebrate, but we couldn't talk Jerry into singing along--hmmm. It was an honor to have Jerry's famous son Lucas (of the Milwaukee-area Cave Wives) join us on bass for a few songs--there seems to be some kind of musical synergy that only the father/son duo can conjure. We'll be back next month--on the patio in April??

February 26, 2015
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
For sure not an event "Coming up..." on our calendar, but we were honored that our good friend Bob (through daughter Sarah) asked for us to help celebrate his life with some of the music he loved. Already missing you, Bob!

February 14, 2015
Watertower Chop House, Sun Prairie, WI
We were thrilled to bring songs of the heart (love, regret, devotion, heartbreak, tenderness, passion, including a new one--"Say that You Love Me") to a packed house and busy dance floor all evening long! We met lots of new friends and enjoyed seeing several old friends out to share the evening with us. We celebrated Happy Birthday to Mo (with lots of family and special friends Kay and Rachel, along with Rachel's fiancé Jason). Congratulations to Scott, Gary, Tim, and all the staff for throwing such an amazing party, and for supporting live music!

January 24, 2015
Devil's Head Resort, Merrimac, WI
The warmish temps and snow-covered slopes brought a huge crowd of skiers, many of whom could be seen coming down the lighted slopes just outside the windows behind us. But the space inside was plenty full, and what a great crowd! It was a 1970s theme weekend, and several folks took the opportunity to come in costume (or maybe to just dig a bit deeper in the closet). We had a fun Happy Birthday crowd honoring Jeff's big event (in 1970s camo at center of group). According to Jerry, playing at a ski resort had been an item on his bucket list, and he really rocked the opportunity to cross that one off! (Jerry and Jim were the only ones of us who could actually remember the 1970s, although perhaps a bit vaguely. Amy and Brad are waiting for a theme from a later decade...) It was great fun having lots of dancers out, and a pretty cross-generational crowd, at that! Hoping to be back next year.

January 17, 2015
The Brink Lounge, Madison, WI
It was good to be back at this especially cozy venue (fireplace and all!), and it was great to have so many friends out to enjoy a cold winter's evening. A large contingent from Amy's office came out to celebrate birthday's (Stacy's and Amy's), and we also celebrated Happy Birthday to good friend Cindy. And of course we celebrated Popeye's birthday, full of wisdom and still looking young at 86! We enjoyed seeing several family (including Abby, back from college) and friends of family out to share the evening (and some birthday cake!). And we loved watching all those dancers up most of the evening--we do feel the energy! Looking forward to a return engagement in the fall...