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December 31, 2013
Main Street Pour House, Stoughton, WI 
It was another great party at the Pour House, and the energy level stayed on "High" all the way to 1:00am, January 1, 2014--Happy New Year! (If you haven't visited the Pour House yet, you just have to. Great food, a fun place to hang out, and live music several nights every week--check their website for upcoming shows.) We were delighted to see so many of our "out of town" friends drop by, and we met lots of new friends. It's always encouraging to see so many folks dancing, and it always encourages more dancing when Brad is back with us on drums (thanks, Brad). What a night (and morning!). Thanks to Jeanne and all the staff for supporting live music (and knowing how to throw a party!). We'll be back soon...

December 14, 2013 
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
What a fun night! We had Brad back with us on drums, we had dancers, we saw lots of old friends and met many new ones (including Rob&Vickie and Ken&Katie, all out with us for the first time), and we got to share a few Christmas tunes throughout the evening (you can see a bit of White Christmas here, thanks to Mo!). But there's more! We had Kevin joining Amy for the "Baby It's Cold Outside" duet, we had Ryan join us for "Folsom Prison Blues," and we had a special request for Ryan and Amy on the "Jackson" duet! But there's more! (Sound like an infomercial?) We had Bruce--just excited enough to shout "Freebird" at the end of evening--join us for..."Freebird"--wow! There's more, but you'll just have to experience it with us next time.

December 4, 2013 
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
November 20, 2013 
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
So this night it was energy through the roof! It was great to see so many friends out--several first-timers (including Arick and Julie) and more than a few old-timers ready to sing along. Amy had a special moment serenading young Rodger--he seemed delighted by it all (and we noticed that his mom seemed to know most of the lyrics--maybe a little closer to the mic next time?). We had fun with a couple new songs--"Blue on Black" (a 1990s KWS band blues hit) and "People Get Ready" (a 1960s Curtis Mayfield/Impressions gospel hit). We really have fun bringing variety to the list! Always looking for suggestions... (Notice that Jim showed up with a clean shave, but Jerry may be going for the ZZ Top look. Stay tuned.)
November 6, 2013 
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
Kind of a quiet night in the lounge. The place was packed, lots of people were listening, but not a lot of motion. Could have been that everyone was preoccupied with the brand-new fall menu just out earlier that afternoon, or some folks may have been alarmed with all that facial hair (just on Jerry and Jim--what's going on with that?). But we all had fun, and it was good to see so many of our friends out to enjoy a quieter evening. We'll be back soon.
October 30, 2013 
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
It was fall-cool outside but plenty warm inside--the energy level was extreme! The establishment was packed--not much room for dancing, but we enjoyed watching some intent "listeners" moving to the beat. We were excited to see Mo's friends Judy and Julie out to join the party--hope to see them again soon. Jerry surprised all of us (yes, bandmates included) when he stepped out to sing a verse of "Little Wing"--not just an instrumental anymore! We'll be back next week...
October 9, 2013 
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
Back in the lounge at B&H's--first time inside in four months--and we had a great fun, despite a few technical difficulties. (You probably didn't know that Jerry keeps it all together with batteries and string...) We had extra fun bringing "What I Like About You" for the first time at B&H's--seemed like lots of other folks had fun, too--along with our instrumental rendition of "Little Wing." It was great to have Ryan-in-black back with the "Jackson" duet, and Amy had fun working her way around to all the dignitaries in the room (including Kevin) with "At Last." Music on the patio is officially closed for the season, so we're looking forward to lots more cozy evenings in the lounge over the next several months. Please make plans to join us!
October 5, 2013
Main Street Pour House, Stoughton, WI
This was our first non-holiday engagement at the Pour House--just a regular night, with regular folks. And what a great time! We were excited to have a surprise visit from Chris and Steve, all the way from St. Cloud (hope you guys can make it out again soon!). We didn't get as many folks out dancing (we were missing Brad on drums this time out), but we had lots of listeners stay on with us through the evening, and we were joined by a late music crowd just leaving their show at the Opera House. Jeanne really knows how to get a fun crowd out to enjoy a night of music. We'll be coming back for another huge party on New Year's Eve--come out and share it with us!

September 26, 2013
Private reception--This reception was for the 18th International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation Symposium, 187 participants from 23 countries--what an interesting crowd on such a gorgeous evening in one of the most beautiful locations around Madison. We had a blast! Amy kept extra busy running around meeting people and asking where they were from. And what an appreciative crowd! Lots of smiles, lots of listening, lots of moving, lots of introductions, lots of pictures--we were a bit sorry to see them all head downstairs for their gourmet dinner buffet (but happy to be invited along!). The next symposium is in Rio de Janeiro in 2015--wonder if they need a band...
September 20, 2013
The Brink Lounge, Madison, WI
Our first time at The Brink Lounge, and we had a blast! We were excited to see so many of our friends out, and it was energizing to see so many people listening and moving to the music. We saw lots of dancing going on--that seems to happen even more often when we have Brad back with us on drums (and without us, on some amazing drum solos!). Thanks to Elizabeth Brink for creating this amazing venue and supporting live music in the Madison area and to all the staff for their support and encouragement. We're hoping to be back soon...
September 15, 2013
CWC, Madison, WI
Family picnic--We were especially glad to be playing back at the Center, but this is the third picnic event there that we've had to play indooors! (The first was because of heat, the second because of cold, and this one because of rain--it's hard not to feel somehow responsible...) But we still had great fun, and by lunch time the Community Room was full. We didn't have room for a lot of dancers (those wheelchair dancers do need a bit of space!), but it was great to see some dancers out there and to feel the excitement in the room! Hoping to be back again soon... (We're thinking that "gorgeous" is the only weather option left!)
September 14, 2013
Fireman's Park, Cottage Grove, WI 
Bike & Boogie for Hunger--We were honored to play at this annual fund raiser for The River Food Pantry. And what a great day for a bike ride and picnic! The morning was cool (cold, according to some!), but the sky was bright and by noon the riders joined everyone back at the park for a great afternoon--extraordinary picnic lunch (grilled chicken, brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, the works), raffle, silent auction, and some fun tunes. This was the second annual event, and the organizers hope to keep it growing--be watching for the announcements next summer!
September 12, 2013 
Pizzeria Uno-Chicago Bar & Grill West, Madison, WI 
Our last night of this season on the patio at Pizzeria Uno--we really enjoyed the summer here, and we thank Kathleen, Gabe, Ashley, and all the staff for their support of live music! Even with our earlier start time, it was definitely on the cool side, especially as the sun settled beautifully on the horizon. We were happy to have several tables hang in with us into the break, and we have to respect those tables that stayed on through the second set! (In paricular, that book group is a hardy bunch!) We were delighted to know that Matthew was getting a close-up perspective on his pizza and on Phil playing the ... tableware. Meet you here again next summer!
September 11, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
It's getting toward the late end of the patio season, but this was a spectacular late summer night--warm when we started, cool when we finished, with an incredible sunset in between! We were excited to see lots of friends out to enjoy the evening with us. Yes, we spotted you dancers all the way across the patio--we'll get you up front next time!
September 7, 2013
Living Water Church, Sun Prairie, WI
Called Higher Conference--We were honored to provide morning and afternoon worship sets for this first annual conference, and it was great to have Nate sit in with us on drums for the afternoon set. Thank you, Cindy, for inviting us!
September 5, 2013
We've already had a few cool evenings, but this was a gorgeous one, with another amazing sunset (although it came a lot earlier--we actually played well past dark). And again the patio was filled with lots of listeners, including some new friends all the way from South Dakota! We're sure going to miss this when the patio closes for the season--hoping for one more night next week.
August 14, 2013
Our last show before a three-week summer break, and what a beatiful night to be outside! The patio was packed for pretty much the entire evening--old friends, new friends, and lots of folks listening and moving to the music. (It does get a bit difficult picking up those aromas from the kitchen, but it gives us something to look forward to!) We're hoping for a couple more evening on the Pizzeria Uno patio--when will our Wisconsin weather turn toward fall?
August 10, 2013
What a fun night, and what a great night to be hanging out on the patio (yes, it was a gorgeous sunset)! The patio was packed all evening, and the crowd was definitely on the energetic end of the scale, which certainly makes the evening fun for us. We were happy to have lots of friends stop by to share the evening and listen, but we also had a few friends join us on stage. Michael picked up a guitar and joined Jerry and Brad for a crowd-pleasing version of Elton John's "Sacrifice;" Lucas Fitzpatrick sat in on bass for an amazing extended version of "Chain of Fools"--a special treat for Jerry (Fitzpatrick); and good friend Phil sat in with us on the drum set for "Mustang Sally" to help bring the night to a close. Other highlights included Brad back with us on drums and Happy Birthdays to Ed, Karen, and Tom (all at one big family table) and Pat (also celebrating with family and friends). Last night on the Pooley's patio for us this summer--we had a lot of fun each time. A big thank you to Peter and to Pooley's for supporting live music.
August 7, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
Another one of those gorgeous evenings--perfect weather and a partly cloudy sky blazing with color as the sun went down. A big highlight of the evening was Happy Birthday to Connie, who brought husband Wayne and a bunch of folks from work (folks that Amy knows quite well!) to the party. And we enjoyed responding to a number of special requests. (Still don't quite understand what it is about "Old Time Rock and Roll" that gets people whooping and hollering...but we have fun with it!) Really treasuring up those evenings on the patio as the days get shorter. (Thanks, again, for another video clip, Mo!)
August 3, 2013
Private party, Sun Prairie, WI
So this was the 30th annual Keating family reunion (and golf outing, earlier in the day)--what an amazing tradition! And this was the first time back in Sun Prairie after more than 15 years--we were especially honored to be part of it. The evening was full of dancing! We were forewarned that "five sisters" would be dancing to the requested "We Are Family." Turned out to be at least five sisters, lots of daughters and nieces, the Mom, and a whole bunch of "sisters" from around the neighborhood--and the dancing started long before that song and continued looonnng after. What a fun time!
August 1, 2013
Just another beautiful evening on the patio--sunny, cool, light breeze, amazing sunset, only a few mosquitoes. (But we notice that the sun is beginning to set earlier and earlier...thinking we should all be enjoying patios while we can.) And lots of fun tunes, with some folks really listening as they enjoyed their dinner--makes it fun for us! 
July 31, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
We shared a bit of an unusual evening with our family and friends. We had late start because of the weather--it looked pretty nasty there for a while, and the establishment took some time to finally make the patio decision. But it was the right decision, and it turned out to be a beautiful night outside. Folks were a bit quiet through dinner and drinks, but when we announced "last song," things took quite a turn! Several "one more song" requests and lots of energetic dancing--made for a wonderful end to a fun evening!
July 20, 2013
Our (almost) second night on the Pooley's patio this summer, and what a night! (Recall that the rain allowed us only a half-night last month.) Lots of sun, light breeze, beautiful sunset weaving through the cloudy horizon, Brad back with us on drums (big drums!), and lots of friends and family sharing the time with us. It seemed that we shared the evening with three different crowds: a big early crowd, a big late crowd, and a smaller all-night crowd--and we were excited to meet lots of new friends!  We were priviledged to honor several special requests (including a couple reprises for the late-night crowd who insisted on hearing a few songs they missed in the first set), and we had a few dancers adding motion to the whole event. A great time! Many thanks to Mo and Greg for the brief video clips--enjoy
July 18, 2013
[Canceled due to weather--HOT!]
July 13, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
It was a beautiful evening (with another beautiful sunset), and a subtle energy flowed around the patio all night. But when we announced our "last song," all of a sudden there was dancing everywhere! We dedicated one more song after finding out that one table was celebrating a 49th anniversary--congratulations! We were glad to have so many friends and family come out to share the evening with us and enjoy sitting around the fire (even on such a warm evening). Let's do it again!
July 11, 2013
Another great evening on the Pizzeria Uno patio--beautiful sunset, lots of friends and family coming out to share the fun (including first-time friends Tammy and Arvy), and wonderful food and drinks. We took the energy level up just a bit (everyone seemed up for it!), and we even surprised ourselves by sneaking in a new tune--"Crazy little thing called love"--that seemed to touch the "motion" button with lots of folks. We'll be bringing it back!
June 26, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
Well, we finally had our chance to play on the new stage! And it didn't rain! And we had a great time! It really was a beautiful evening, the new stage is nice and spacious (to match the newly expanded patio), and we very much enjoyed sharing the evening with so many friends. Highlights for us included dancing kids and closing the loop on a longstanding request: Last November, new friends Kim and Jeff spent an evening in the lounge with us and issued a challenge--they wanted to hear us play Carly Simon's huge 1972 hit, "You're so vain," and they wanted it "next week"! One week later, we played it, but Kim and Jeff weren't there... Finally, seven months later, they shared the evening with us once more and we were able to honor their request. We'll be back soon.
June 22, 2013
It was fun to be back on the patio stage at Pooley's--nice stage, great view of the sunset, good acoustics (with Brad back on drums and enjoying that no-holding-back freedom!), attentive staff, and plenty of great food and beverages. The day started with nasty weather, but everything cleared out as the day progressed, and the evening was beautiful--for about an hour and a half! Lots of friends joined us for the half-evening, and we thank everyone who helped carry equipment inside for an amazing two-minute take down when the storm hit! (It only took about 30 minutes to untangle that pile of cables, and nothing was wet or damaged.) And a special thanks to Peter, who hung out with us to the end keeping a close eye on the weather radar and signaling "one more song"--until he just didn't! Thanks to Peter and all the crew at Pooley's for supporting live music. We look forward to trying it again next month.
June 19, 2013
What a beautiful evening this turned out to be--mid-70s, light breeze, gorgeous sunset, a great crowd (lots of people really listening--extra fun!) on the patio of a 200-year-old farmhouse-turned-restaurant, and an amazing dinner to sit down to as soon as we finished playing. Life is good on the west side, too!
June 12, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
This was not your typical Wednesday night--the energy was through the roof! (The roof again--yes, it did its part, too, during the incredible downpour.) It was another big one (...39?) for Lon, and lots of friends and family showed up in his honor; Trula knows how to throw a party, and B&H's knows how to host them! Highlights of the evening included the usual Happy Birthday to Lon (up close and personal), Andrew getting "At Last"ed (also up close and personal), some pretty good dancing, and the chicken florentine soup when we finally had a chance to sit down. Thanks again to Buck & Honey's for their consistent support of live music. We'll be back soon!
June 11, 2013
Our first time on the patio at Pizzeria Uno (postponed by last week's rain), and what a beautiful evening it turned out to be! It's really a great old building (200 years old), the patio is a very welcoming space to hang out (and play tunes!), and the food is amazing. We were glad to see some of our "regular" friends make the trip, some friends out for the first time to listen, and several friends we hadn't met before. Special thanks to Kathleen, Gabe, Ashley, and all the staff for supporting live music. We're looking forward to coming back soon!
June 8, 2013
Graduation party, Sun Prairie, WI
Congratulations, Alex! This was a very special event, with lots of special moments. Highlights included Brad getting to play his drums (good 'n loud) outside for the first time this year, Sarah's gift of song to Alex (two songs, actually--that took some courage!), Alex's dance with Grandma Nell and his notable "woo-hoos" on "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree," Amy's dance with Claire, and ... just all that dancing! Kudos to Bill and Katie (well, Bill said he helped) for pulling everything together--we were honored to be part of it! Best wishes to the guest of honor as he continues his life adventures.
June 5, 2013
CWC, Madison, WI
Employee recognition picnic--So last year (just a week later in the month) the picnic was moved inside because of the 90+ temperature. This year we moved inside because of rain and cold. Wisconsin! But again, the weather couldn't stop the fun! We had a great time honoring the staff on their special day, and staff and residents (most in wheelchairs) took to dancing the afternoon away--so many smiles! A very special time for us. Many thanks to Julie and Directory Jan for all their efforts in pulling the event together and inviting us to be part of it, and to all the staff for everything they do. We're hoping to be back soon!
May 29, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
Our first time on the patio this year (first time ever on the expanded patio), and we were having a great time--patio packed, lots of people really listening, lots of shoulder and head action, and even a bit of singing along. For about an hour. We did get everything packed up before the downpour hit, and even had a few minutes to sit outside enjoying the twilight air, but in the end, everyone had to move to the shelter of the lounge. Our shortest show ever, and the first time we've actually been rained out! Our summer is packed with patio shows, so we're hoping this is both the first and the last time. Thanks to so many of our friends for facing the threat and sharing the (brief) time with us.
May 18, 2013
Main Street Pour House, Stoughton, WI
The entire city was in party mode (as in Syttende Mai party) for the entire weekend, and they know how to throw a party! This was our second time at the Pour House, and we really had fun playing at this great music venue. Highlights of the evening included Brad back with us on drums, a couple new tunes (including "Heaven," another Los Lonely Boys hit), LOTS of dancing, the inevitable "walking microphone lady" working the room, Happy Birthday to Erin, lots of new friends (including Tom and Debbie from...everywhere), and sort of a bird dancing along and attempting to play the keyboard. (You need to look closely within the white circle, on the shoulder of the gentleman in the red sweatshirt. There was some dispute over the bird's current and any former modes of animation, but it did bring joy and only scared a few people!) Happy Syttende Mai to all, thank you Jeanne and the Pour House folks for their support of live music, and we hope to be back soon.
May 4, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
It was another busy Saturday night in the lounge, and we were very happy to be sharing it with such a high-energy crowd. We were delighted to see so many old friends (see, Jerry was smiling almost as much as Emily and Cori were!), and we met some new friends, including Deb and Lee all the way from Stoughton. It was great having Brad back with us again (that drum solo on "Long train running" gives the rest of us a break--we'll keep making it longer!). We were glad Ryan-in-Black could join us at the end of the night for another Cash tune, and we actually captured the rare dance moves (with Shannon) for all the world to see! We'll be back after the holiday (May 29), hoping for some real spring weather on the patio.
April 13, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
The night was full of excitement, the room was full of parties, and we stayed on for an extra hour to help keep it all going! Highlights of the evening included Brad back with us on drums (and for the "Blue moon of Kentucky" duet for Mo); Happy Birthdays to Greg, Emily, and Lauren; Marlene and Oscar over from Milwaukee once more; special request ("Old time rock and roll") for "little" Kevin (earning him a special dance with Beth); Amy's extended work family holding down a BIG table for the evening; and lots of dancing (with "Off the Shelf" Bill even taking the lead!). We were thrilled to spend a fun evening with friends, and again, we thank Buck & Honey's for their support of live music. (Patio time coming soon...)
April 3, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
It was a happening Wednesday night, with the crowd and the energy hanging out until the very last song! We were happy to meet lots of new friends and (as always) hang out with so many old friends and family. Highlights of the evening included some new music we weren't entirely sure about, but "It Hurt So Bad" turned out to be a huge hit with the crowd and Amy poured everything into it! We're still waiting for that warm spring evening on the patio...
March 20, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
The crowd was a bit quieter, with less musical energy translating into motion and more into listening--folks from the farthest corners of the establishment were expressing their connection with the music, and that (along with the dancing!) made it a fun time for us! We were glad to be surrounded by family and friends and to meet lots of new friends, many of whom made it a point to stop and talk. Highlights of the evening included time with honorary family member Ana (all the way from Michigan) and the extra stuff on Jerry's face (it really did show some highlights). Looking forward to next time--April!--and some real spring! (Playing on the patio soon...)
March 9, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
Another "sold out" night at the establishment! We had a fun time with all that energy, and the evening was filled with highlights, including Brad back with us on drums (and such) and lots of friends and friends of friends out to share the time with us:  Oscar and Marlene over from Milwaukee, Mo's buddy Barb (and daughter Danielle), Greg's buddy Brian, and Amy's new friends and co-workers Connie and Toni (and theirs, Wayne and Pat), who seemed to really enjoy getting up close and personal with the microphone! Another big highlight was Lucas Fitzpatrick sitting in on bass for a couple very special musical excursions with his Dad--a real treat for everyone.
February 16, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
The establishment was overflowing most of the night--we were blessed to be surrounded by lots of old friends and to meet many new ones. There were definitely a few highlights: Happy Birthday to Mom, making it a very special night; a few persistent folks found room to dance; and we brought our first Doobie Brothers tune, "Long train running"--apparently a crowd favorite. A light performance schedule this month as we focus on a bit of recording and writing--we're hoping to have something to share in the next few months, so stay tuned.
January 19, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
What great fun spending a blustery night cozied up with lots of our friends! So many highlights: Happy Birthday to Cindy (hey, seems like we finally settled on the key of G!); Happy (secret) Birthday to Susan with special request for "The Rose"; celebrating Katie's Caribbean tan (where was Bill?); welcome back to good friends Tim and "Dr. Nancy" Laurie, who stayed on most of the night; special request for "Someone Like You" going out to Nancy; Cousin Steve (first time out!) dueting "Drift Away" with Amy; and a very special Happy Birthday to Amy, which included the song (surprise singing by daughter Abby and friends Dawn and Scott) and the cake (surprise bringing by Mom and Ed and surprise cutting by friend and B&H's VIP Tom). Thanks to all for braving the falllling temps to come out and join us, and thanks again to our Buck & Honey's family for supporting live music.
January 2, 2013
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI 
We were afraid we might be feeling a bit lonely on this evening right after the big holiday, but a surprising number of folks apparently were anxious to get out for some post-holiday relaxation! We were glad to see so many of our friends and family drop by, and the establishment stayed busy all night. Special thanks again to B&H's and all the staff for their support of live music (and the live musicians!). We look back on a 2012 full of great memories at B&H's--we met lots of new friends, shared many special moments with our old friends, did a bit of growing and learned lots of new music. We look forward to sharing lots of fun tunes and great times with all our friends in this new year!