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December 22, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
So it was another great night, packed house, lots of friends sharing the evening out, both Ryan and Kevin taking the microphone (at different times!), people dancing, a few Christmas tunes, some new music to share (you missed it, Chris--we'll be sure to bring it back for you next time!). But there was an especially special thread weaving its way through this evening that actually had its beginning several weeks ago as a special song request all the way from Florida! Mom Cynthia (from her home in Florida) planned a party at B&H's for the family to reunite with son Michael (on break from school in D.C.) and meet his fiance AnnaGray (from Wisconsin)! Yes, it may seem complicated, but bottom line is that Cynthia was able to totally suprise Michael and AnnaGray with a special song dedication welcoming the soon-to-be bride to the family. The memories will last a lifetime! We were honored to be part of it. Hoping to see lots of our friends out in the new year--January 11, 2012!
December 10, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
It was another big party! We're so grateful to all our old friends who came to share the evening with us, and we were thrilled to meet many new friends. So many stories to tell, where to begin... OK, lots of dancing--that really makes it fun for us! "Happy Birthday" to Bob, one of our forever-young old friends. Ryan was back for a couple of songs and extra smooooth. Kevin(!) joined us for the very first time on "White Chrismas"--raise your hand if you were as surpised as we were! Mike from Idaho out for the first time and shared some video clips with us--thanks much, Mike. New friends Tim and Laurie (Dr. Nancy?) were "stuck" in the lounge waiting for their table and ended up spending the WHOLE evening with us--we were thrilled to honor a couple of their requests. And a special reprise for the other Bob, who couldn't make it out until late in the second set--the last "At Last" made it to video on our media page (thank you again, Mike). Thanks to Buck & Honey's and all our friends for such a fun evening, and we hope to see everyone again Thursday, December 22 (you'll definitely need a break from the Christmas shopping by then).

Ryan joining us for "Jackson"

November 23, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Thanksgiving Eve--very much a family night, with many folks hosting out-of-town family "home for the holiday." So we met many new friends, a real highlight of the evening! Other special highights included Amy dedicating "The Rose" to her Mom (a surprise fulfillment of a long-standing request), getting Dawn to share the mic, and finally bringing Chris a Rolling Stones song ("You Got to Move"--obscure according to Chris, but it still qualifies!). We promised Chris another, much more well-known, Stones song next time out (Saturday, December 10). Hoping to see many of our friends--new and old--out that night.
November 12, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Wow! One huge party! Singing, dancing, laughing, energy and excitment! Can hardly begin to relate the stories that unfolded. Bruce and Dan singing "Freebird" (well, they requested it!); Don and his lovely daughter dancing; Ryan, on duty and super busy, sticking with us for not one but two songs; Amy walking her microphone all over the room (several times leaving us wondering "where is she now??"); lots of requests; and our friends, who already packed the room from 7 to 10,  keeping us playing until 10:30. We had tons of fun and won't be forgetting this night any time soon. Back in less than two week--November 23, the night before Thanksgiving. Come out and celebrate with us!
November 9, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Snow--our first of the season!! We really appreciated having so many of our friends brave the emerging winter and join us for an evening of fun tunes. Being able to share the time with friends--those who come out and those who spend the evening working there--is what makes it worthwhile for us. Amy was especially delighted to share the microphone with a new friend, a very young man who seemed quite familiar with the lyrics to "Drift Away"--music seems to build bridges. We're hoping to see everyone back in a few days for our first Saturday night at B&H's...
October 26, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
An exciting and very cozy evening--the place was packed with many friends, new and old alike! Somehow, several folks found room to dance, and Amy was able to find her way around the room with the mic--music in motion was clearly a theme. Some new music in keeping with that theme included a passionate rendition of "I'd Rather Go Blind" (walk away from me), red-hot vocal/guitar interplay on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (world turning), and a gently inviting "Turn Me On" (come on home)--all bringing huge responses from the crowd. Can't wait to see everyone back in two weeks (Nov. 9)...
October 5, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
One more night on the patio--a beautiful evening, but getting a bit cool as we finished our last set. How many more of these night do we get this year...? We were especially delighted to dedicate "Come Away with Me" to Nancy and Mike, out for an evening with friends to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary--congratulations you two! Amy was thrilled to sing for her buddies from work, first-timers Amanda and Sommer joining Jacqui (and Jacqui's guy Jade), especially poignant since the previous Sunday was Amy's last day working with them before starting her new job. Looking forward to seeing everyone back October 26!
September 28, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
"Energy" was the key word for the evening--electricity and motion, heat and light, sound and excitement (...friends and family, food and beverage)! It all added up to a really fun time for us and an evening that's almost impossible to describe. The establishment had a hugely successful wine-tasting event starting at 6 in the atrium that already set up a vibe; Jerry played a short solo set to kick things off there. Meanwhile, back in the lounge, we started our first set a little later than normal (waiting for Jerry to finish in the atrium)--and the place was packed, not a table left! When the wine-tasters finished their event at 8 and filtered over into the lounge, everything went up another notch! You had to be there. We enjoyed sharing lots of new music and old favorites, and Amy had several chances to walk her mic around to share. Thanks to so many of our old and new friends for making the evening such a special one. See you next week (Oct. 5)...
September 10, 2011
Art Fair, Main St., Sun Prairie, WI
It was a gorgeous day downtown Sun Prairie! Lots of folks were out to enjoy the art, crafts, food, and fun--a few thought the day worth dancing about! We enjoyed meeting some new friends and sharing some fun tunes.
September 7, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
There was a hint of fall in the air...will this be our last time playing on the patio in 2011?? We've been having such great fun, we're hoping for at least one more night. The beautiful sunset, the fall-like chill, the great food, lots of old friends, some new friends, some fun music, and children dancing--does it get any better? Back in three weeks (September 28)... 
August 31, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Yet another beautiful evening out on the patio. If you haven't been able to join us on the patio, remember that fall (yes, autumn, the season just preceding winter!) is only three weeks away...  It was great to see so many of our friends (including Noelle and the kids, for the first time!) out to enjoy the weather, the great food, and some fun music. We especially enjoyed bringing a couple new tunes (I think we may have surprised Maureen with "Black Velvet," one she's been requesting for some weeks now). See you next week (September 7) (pray for more good weather...).
August 17, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Another gorgeous evening out on the patio (following a morning of desperately needed rain). Some of our friends were helping with VBS at Living Water and couldn't make it out, but we were happy to share some fun tunes with many old and new friends! One highlight of the evening was dedicating "Breathe" (a new song for us) to Stacy and Joseph, just engaged and visiting B&H's for the first time--congratulations! Ryan, off duty and under the calming influence of a White Russian, was in exceptional form as he joined us for two songs in the second set. Thanks to Cori, who joined us again for "We Are Family" (another newer song for us)--this one seems to resonate with folks, and Amy will likely be recruiting more "sisters and me" next time out! See you in two weeks (August 31)...
August 13, 2011
Private party, Sun Prairie, WI
"Singing in the rain..." Again, the weather--one stormy day in that long hot, dry spell! But it was still great fun, and those people who were scared off by the clouds missed another successful pool party--thanks, Joy and John! (More food and more room in the pool for everyone who came!) We set up under a tent, so we stayed dry and the early thunderstorm only delayed our start time a bit. This was our first time playing out without drums; we certainly missed Brad (at a friends wedding), but we had a great time playing some fun tunes for our friends! 
August 3, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Our first time playing on the new patio--and we had a blast! It was a bit warm setting up, but evening brought a welcome break from the heat wave (what a July!). Thanks again to so many friends for coming out, to the staff (the friends who had to be there!) for making us feel welcome, and to everyone for letting us have such great fun! Awesome food and beverage abounded and people were singing, dancing, moving, laughing--and playing lawn games! New tunes at B&H's included "We Are Family"--familiar to everyone and great fun, by the look of it--and we thank Cori for bringing the added vocal power. Thanks again to Ryan for joining us, even for just one song--it was a very busy night. We'll be back in two weeks (August 17) and look forward to seeing everyone again. (Check out B&H's Facebook post last night--is "Hurricane Amy and Nine Thirty Standard" a new name suggestion? It does have a certain ring to it...) 
July 6, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Another fun night, and again we thank so many of our friends (including several for the first time) for coming out to enjoy the evening with us. We've noticed a lot more people singing along with several of the tunes--that sure makes it fun (and it encourages Amy to wander out with the microphone...)! As always, the B&H staff were wonderful, and we were honored to have Ryan join us again for "Folsom Prison Blues" and a remarkably more energetic rendition of "Jackson" in a reprise of his duet with Amy--thanks again, Ryan!  We have to wait a whole month, but we're looking forward to seeing everyone come out next time (August 3)...
July 2, 2011
Sun City Cyclery celebration, Sun Prairie, WI
We were honored to celebrate with Sun City Cyclery (and owner Steve and family) their 20 years of serving the Sun Prairie community! It was a two-stage event, with 930S on one side serving up some fun tunes and the pig on the other side serving up some appetizing morsels of its own! And what a beautiful day to be outside celebrating! Plenty of sun (and our own piece of shade--thank you again, Charlie, it was a lifesaver!) and bright blue sky. Thank you, Steve and friends, for a memorable afternoon. (We really enjoyed watching Steve dance so gracefully with the young ladies in attendance--ask anyone!)
June 22, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Well, this time it just threatened and ended up drizzly and cool (June 22??)--but what is it about us and the weather??! Inside the establishment it was like family night--owner Chris brought out family who were visiting from all over the country; Randy and Colleen met up with newlywed daughter Ally; we enjoyed lots of our Living Water family; Maureen brought an "adopted sister" from Michigan; the Anderson’s, owner Tom and sister Aimee, were both on duty; and of course Amy still wants to adopt most of the staff, so they’re all like family! Add great food, fun music, and lots more friends and you've got a pretty great way to spend the evening! We're getting more frequent requests, and we enjoy fitting those into the set list when we can (seems we just can't skip "Think" or "Walking after Midnight"!), but some new music this week included "Take Me to the River" and another song with Ryan "the singing waiter," who joined us for a duet with Amy on "Jackson," the old Cash/Carter hit. (He actually snuck in one rehearsal with us for that one--thanks again, Ryan!) Looking forward to seeing all our friends back next time (July 6)...
June 8, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
What a night--almost impossible to put into words! And where to begin...  Our first set, during dinner hour, seemed "normal"--packed house, lots of friends, food, and fun music (folks really seemed to get lost in "Drift Away," a new one at B&H's). Early in the second set it was "Happy Birthday" to Luke (hope it was special, Luke!) and ... the first weather alerts were issued. Owner Tom called early to put us all on notice, and it was right in the middle of "Chain of Fools" that the sirens sounded. All the staff handled things very professionally (kudos to Angie), almost everyone stayed on, and many of us met new friends during our brief stay in the basement! The rest of the night was amazing fun--people singing, clapping, and dancing along; passing the mic for "Old Time Rock and Roll"; the singing soul sisters (Cori and Amy B.); Ryan joining us to reprise "Folsum Prison Blues" and add "Walking After Midnight" to his songlist; and so much more. Thanks to B&H's and all our friends for such a memorable time. Back in two weeks--hoping to share another special night with everyone!
May 25, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Outside--rainy, cold, windy. Inside--hot, hot, hot! The establishment was hopping, packed with folks who seemed very pleased to just hang out with friends, enjoy the culinary delights, and listen (and move!) to the music. We were thrilled to find ourselves surrounded by so many good friends (customers, staff, managers, owners)--it really makes it fun for us. (The only tough part was all those trays of fine food and beverages going every which way--can you imagine how hard it is to watch all that go by, just out of reach?) One sizzling new standard in the first set, "At Last," got the place simmering; but a requested reprise in the third set brought things to a boil! As we opened the second set, we were honored to be joined by Steve "Buck" Bethel, the best banjo picker in these here parts (did I really say that??!), for "Doug's Song" and "Bluegrass Breakdown"--real crowd-pleasers, as it turned out! (As with most bluegrass music, there's a long story behind each of those songs--you'll have to ask Buck.) Thank you, Buck, for some very special moments. Leaving the "Honey's" room, Amy was delighted to find two young girls dancing in the hallway as they sang "chain chain chain." We'll be back in two weeks...
May 11, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
What a blast playing at Buck & Honey's that night! A full house, with so many friends coming to encourage us--it really felt like a special occasion. Yeah, it was! As always, all the establishment folks (staff, managers, owners) were wonderful to us, and we're honored to count them among our friends. Ryan, off duty at the time and hanging out with his Dad, even amazed the crowd by joining us in the third set to sing "Folsom Prison Blues"--thanks, Ryan, for that special moment! So many other stories to tell... here are a few highlights: By request, Maureen M. heard "Think" (and as requested, "the full deal"!) and Tom B. got Amy's "Everlasting Love" (that lasted all of five minutes...), a new one at B&H's. We did several other new tunes, including a red-hot rendition of "Tennessee Waltz," which brought dancers to the floor, and B&H's front-manager Angie noticed that even the windows of the establishment were steamy after a white-hot rendition of "Summertime." We'll be back...
April 27, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
So this establishment is awesome (oooh, the food--the pan fried tilapia with lemon caper sauce was an indescribable late night treat!). But we love the folks that greet us there, and it's a really fun place to play. The crowd was a bit mellow at first and seemed to warm to some of the standards ("Someone To Watch Over Me" was a new one), but the head-and-shoulder action picked up through the evening. Hoping to see many of our friends there next month!
April 13, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Our return engagement at Buck & Honey's--and what a party! A packed house from dinner until at least 9:00. It looked like everyone was having a good time--we sure were! A great crowd, great staff, great food, great friends, and some pretty darn good music, too. Saw lots of people moving and singing along--that sure makes it fun. (And yes, that was Amy's mom out there dancing...) A special thanks to so many of our friends for coming out. We'll be back in a couple weeks--we'd love to see everyone there again! (And did I mention the ribeye? It's always amazing, but you can only imagine how extraordinary it was after playing for three hours on an empty stomach!)
April 2, 2011
Princeton Club West, Madison, WI
Friends of Jennifer Dharam Fighting Cancer--a benefit dinner, performances by area musicians, and silent auction
Wow! More than 300 people attended in an out-pouring of love for Jennifer and Sam Dharam, who have faithfully ministered to this community for years. We were honored to provide dinner-hour music for the guest of honor and those attending (including Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and State Representive Joe Parisi). One highlight was being joined on stage by Daniel Dharam (Sam and Jennifer's son and Jerry's protege) for what turned into a 6-minute version of Knocking on Heaven's Door--very cool! (Listen to a few excerpts from this special evening...) 
February 23, 2011
Buck & Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI
Our first time at Buck & Honey's (first time playing, that is--it seems to have become a favorite stop for a late-night ribeye for at least a couple band members!), and we're looking forward to a return engagement. We started playing immediately after the amazing last-second, game-winning shot that put the Badgers one point ahead of Michigan. So the crowd (packed house) was already in a great mood, and we all enjoyed some great music to fit the occasion.  

February 19, 2011
Prairie Coffeehouse, Keyeser, WI
A great crowd in a rather out-of-the-way place to hear live music (and find great treats!). Be sure to check it out! We hope to return next season.
February 4, 2011
Higher Grounds Coffeehouse, Sun Prairie, WI
Not quite as large a crowd as last April, but these folks were really listeners! Kept us on our toes, and we had a great time.